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Last update: 03/12/2011

Please send me an email if you would like anything posted here. 

-Herman Brown (herman@fungi-zette.com)

From Gordon South ('56), March 12, 2011:

Subject - A special request

Hi Herman,

I have a special request of you..........

Would it be possible the next time you send out information on your class site to place a note in it to ask if anyone Knows of anybody from the class of '56 to please contact them and let them know that Ralph Greenwood, class of '56, rgreen37@verizon.net (310) 377-8509, is trying to locate anyone from the class of '56 to get them to attend the 55-year reunion.

His database is not up to date and could use any help in locating class mates.



From Jim Stewart, July 20, 2009 (I forwarded this information myself it to more than 10  people, and got a few reports back where using aspirin may have saved their own lives - Herman):

Subject - Aspirin and your heart.

Click HERE to see the article.

Do forward the message; it may save lives!

From Judy (Cleland) Bergen, April 21,  2009:

You'll be pleased to know that we now have over 30 attendees coming to our May 2nd event.  As a result however, the restaurant has requested we limit our menu to the following items:

  1. Filet Mignon
  2. Halibut
  3. BBQ chicken

The price is still the same, $33.00 (cash only) for each dinner and will include room rental fee, either soup or salad, as well as potatoes, veggies, garlic bread, tea, coffee, and cheese cake for dessert.

Since I need to notify the restaurant by next Monday of how many meals of each kind we will need, please email me ASAP regarding your choice(s) from the above menu.

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon, Judy (jabergen@jps.net)

From Judy (Cleland) Bergen, March 31, 2009:

The May Day Mini Reunion will be held on Saturday, May 2nd, 6:00PM at The Mermaid Restaurant in Hermosa Beach (11 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach, 310-374-9344).

Please RSVP to either Judy or Gil ASAP. 

Right now we have 25 + attendees - so please come join us.

Judy: jabergen@jps.net
Gil: GilbertArch@aol.com

The cost for the evening (dinner & dining room fee) will be $33/per person (CASH ONLY).

This includes dinner, tax, tip, and room rental.

You will have your choice of the following entrees:

  1. Prime rib
  2. Filet mignon
  3. Top Sirloin
  4. Halibut
  5. Fried Shrimp
  6. Mixed Seafood
  7. BBQ chicken

Each includes soup, salad, potatoes, veggies, garlic bread. All drinks may be purchased separately at the bar

See you there!


From Judy (Cleland) Bergen, March 17,  2009:

Hi all,

We have decided to try for another mini reunion, to celebrate May Day.

Gil Archuletta, Marilyn (Lyon) Hancock, and I, are planning a mini reunion to celebrate life, enjoy good company. and have fun in the evening, on either May Day , Friday, May 1st, or the following night, at The Mermaid Restaurant in Hermosa Beach. 

Please RSVP via email to either Judy or Gil as soon as possible, so we can choose the date, make the reservation, to have the back room in the restaurant all to ourselves. The actual time and date (TBD) will be given as soon as we know the best date.

Marilyn will be out of town for a while.

If you need more detailed directions than provided in the link below, let either of us know.

The Mermaid Restaurant
11 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 374-9344
Get directions
Judy: jabergen@jps.net
Gil: GilbertArch@aol.com

From me: I know from our own experience, that it should be an event not to be missed.

From Herman Brown, February 17, 2009:

Hi All,

We just received the sad news that our long-time friend Albert Brandt, Class of 1957, passed away yesterday.

One of his sons, Tim, just called us, and Denny Barton sent me more information a few minutes ago.


From Herman Brown, September 18, 2008:

Hi All,

The Manhattan Beach Street Faire is coming up soon for Saturday October 4th and Sunday October 5th. It would be a fun place for us to be able to get together again.

If you would like to meet up with other classmates and maybe plan a meal or two, please feel free to contact Judy (Cleland) Bergen at jabergen@jps.net, and she will try to coordinate a meeting place and meal choices.

More faire info at http://www.mbfair.org/

Hope to see you there!

From Herman Brown via Laura D, July 18, 2008:

Hi All,

Below is a great plan to consider from Laura, and she later added that the date could be changed to the following Saturday the 26th if that would be more convenient.

The email addresses are:

Laura D = aloha4ever@hawaiiantel.net
Linda Z = lzimm5@yahoo.com
Linda M = lmeyers@socal.rr.com


----- Original Message ----- 

From: Laura D 
To: 'Herman Brown' 
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 11:35 PM

Hi Herman,

LindaZ (Zimmerman), Linda M (Meyers), & I have decided to relive our Sr. Ditch Day activity by taking that infamous trip to Catalina on Fri., July 25. Think anyone from our class would like to do the same? 

We will be going on the Catalina Express out of San Pedro departing at 8:50am & returning that same day at 6:45pm. If others would like to go as well then they could Email us to let us know so we can look for them on the boat. OR, they may opt to go to Catalina on a different ferry or some other mode of transportation. If that be the case, perhaps we could all meet somewhere for lunch. The 3 of us have not been to Catalina in several years so we are not familiar with the restaurants in the Avalon area to select one for the get-together. Perhaps others would have a good suggestion or an idea about that. 

So, what do you think, Herman? Would it be worth posting on the MICOHI website to see if anyone else might be interested?

All the best, LauraD

From a 1958 grad, Glenda Anderson, 6/02/08:


This is the request of a member of the class of '58. I would appreciate it if you could post it or pass it along. I am looking for a copy of the '57 edition of Hoofprints.

If anyone has a copy that perhaps they could take to a print shop and have copied, I would appreciate it very much. I would, of course pay for the printing and postage to have it mailed to me. Thanking you all in advance for your consideration.

Glenda Anderson 

From Carol (Nix) Squire, 12/22/07 (attended 1954-1956):

Herman, thanks for responding to my site on classmates. No I didn't graduate with you guys in '57 but I had a lot of friends there that I am hoping I can contact. I am wanting to get in contact with CHARLOTTE REDMON and NANCY EASON. You can make my email available to everyone. 

I am living in Richardson, Texas which is just north of Dallas. I am married and have one daughter, two granddaughters and four great grandchildren. I am retired but my husband doesn't want to retire just yet. I was an engineering graphics designer and am retired from that. I went on your web site for Mira Costa and you have done an excellent job. 

What a hoot to look at everyone then and now.

Carol (Nix) Squire 

From me, 9/14/07:

In case anyone is interested in seeing some of the our own family's life growing up in the beach area in the 40's and 50's, you can go to this page on my sister Louise's web site, louises-homepage.com/mom-dad2.htm and continue traveling through the years.

- Herman

Important note from Chris Bader, 9/03/07:

Please let everyone know that we have moved the starting time for our open house to 6:00PM.  It was originally stated that it would start at 7:00 PM but we thought it would be better to move it up an hour. Everything else is the same.  Get the word out if you can.  As I stated before, you are doing a great job and I really enjoy looking at the pictures.  Ah---- memories, memories....

Let them all know that we start at 6:00 PM please...

Regards, Chris

From George Stoneman, 8/24/07:

My nephew sent me this link - interesting youtube video of Hermosa Beach going back to 1930: 



From my sister Louise (Brown) Losson ('55) (we had moved to Hermosa Beach in 1944, and both attended North School and Pier Ave.), 07/30/07:

A friend sent me this link about Hermosa Beach during World War II.


From me, 07/25/07:

Does anyone have any all-class pictures from North School? Or any others from a school, that isn't already shown? If so, please send them to me, either as an email attachment or by snail mail to:

PO Box 103, Greenville CA 95947

Thanks, Herman, herman@fungi-zette.com

From Albert Brandt, 07/17/07:

Does anybody know how I can contact any of the following classmates:

  1. Dennis A. Barton (now located)

  2. David Couch (didn't seem to graduate with us, but in one of the reunion pix) 

- lvbigal@cox.net

From Vince Fennell, 07/01/07:

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Carolyn Swan, class of 1956?

- vrfmd@earthlink.net

From Vince Fennell, 06/27/07:

I and others would love to see any photos taken at the 10th- and 20th-year reunions. If any of you have any or can get them, please let Herman and I know and we will arrange to get them posted. Scanning them, etc. is easy and we will help you do it.

- vrfmd@earthlink.net

From Carolyn Ewart (Stewart), 06/16/07:

Any old Mustangs living in Tucson AZ? Would love to hear from any classmates anywhere. Hope to meet you again at the reunion.

Thanks for the website, Herman. It's great!

- LVNAZ2003@myway.com

From Ron Bukowski, 06/12/07:

Just got a response on the posting for Larry Eissler on the board. The responder lives here in Palm Desert and she gave me his email address. That's terrific!

Keep up the good work!

From Gwen Florea, 06/09/07:

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Andrea Nollan or Dennis Seawright? Thanks.

- gflorea@cox.net

From Beverly McNamara (Sabo), 06/09/07:

Please put my email on site as I would love to hear from any classmate.

- beverlysabo@yahoo.com

From Ron Bukowski, 06/07/07:

Any class of '57 live in the Coachella Valley? Palm Springs Area? Anyone know where Larry Eissler is now? Anyone seen my old neighbor and '57 classmate Bryan Watson?

 - skiparty@verizon.net