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Last update: 11/15/2012

Please contact us and provide your email address, including any answers to the following questions. You can copy and paste the questions into an email message and answer them there:

  1. Full name including the name used in the 1957 Hoofprints?
  2. Email address?
  3. Mailing address?
  4. Can we include a link to your email address on the reunion web site? *
  5. Can we include your current city and state of residence? *
  6. Do you have any contact information for any of those listed on the Missing list?
  7. Do you have any names to add to the Lost Ones list?

*See the Class of 1957 section to see some examples for 4 and 5.


Herman Brown 530-284-6241 or
Gil Archuletta 310 546-1190 or
Kathy (Parker) Coble 310 372-9633 or