Last update: 05/16/2012

    Below are links to most of the pictures I have received so far. Each picture is linked to a larger one suitable for printing. Best seen with the browser set for full screen view.

    If you have some pictures from the 50th reunion weekend that  you would like to share, please pick your favorites, copy them to a CD at 1024 pixels wide or better, or put the photos in an envelope and mail them to me at:

Herman Brown
PO Box 65
Greenville, CA 95947

    I will return the photos after scanning them.

    Or, if there are only a few, you can send them to me as email attachments to:


    In some cases, I have the original, high-resolution images, so if you see any that you might want a higher resolution, as for a newspaper or magazine article, please let me or the photographer know.

Pictures etc.